Interactive Newsfeed
A newsfeed for your school in which you will be able to post either anonymously or with your pro...file. Other students will be able to comment and interact with the post. An option to limit the audience of the post to friends-only will also exist. Ohh... and did i tell you??? You can comment anonymously too! Read more
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Student Only Classified Adds!
A separate buynsell section just for your campus. Sell anything from Books to skateboards!
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Personalised Courses and Groups
Select the course you are taking from the dropdown menu and instantly be enrolled in its groupchat. Yes just like that!
You can also browse through profiles of people who are taking the course with you so that you can easily interact with them and start making new friends.
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Chatting Engine

Social Platform
Your course groupchats pinned and private messages below. All organized! Push notifications??? Ofcourse they're available!
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